Gnoza Knows It | Local connections to the movie Grease


I got a nice email from Pat Rhen who pointed out some interesting facts about the movie Grease, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The movie came out in June of 1978.

Pat points out that the director of the movie, Randall Kleiser is from Lebanon. He was raised in the Pennsylvania Dutch community and then graduated from Radnor High School which is just outside of King of Prussia, Pa.

Pat provides some more flavor here, she says the scene where john Travolta is singing "Oh Sandy" on the swing set at the drive-in reminded Kleiser of his days at the old Key drive-in of Lebanon. That is where the Walmart is now. Kleiser also directed Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields

Pat also says that Kleiser went to school with George Lucas who directed the Star Wars stuff. Lucas's grandfather is also said to be native of Palmyra.

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