Gnoza Knows It | Is there a war on Christmas?


Very timely question today. Is there an actual war on Christmas, the total avoidance of the word and some symbols connected to it, specifically in advertising?

A New York Times article from last year, says there is no evidence of an organized attack on Christmas in the United States.

But after searching through ads from years past, there is a more liberal use of the word Christmas and of Santa Claus, which can be seen on TV commercials from time to time, but not in print ads.

The New York times article concedes that there is less mention of Christmas in the media, but his expert cited said that is a reflection of Society.

After looking through contemporary ads, which is tougher these days because there are less printed publications, many companies seem to religiously avoid the term Christmas, instead using holiday.

Others use Christmas, but in a toned down version.

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