Gnoza Knows It | Is the former Harrisburg state hospital haunted?


Ah yes, there will be a lot of activity out there tonight for Halloween. And a good part of it will involve actual folks that are alive.

And then there are the alleged spirits that roam throughout the year.

Supposedly one of the local places that is haunted is the former Harrisburg state hospital, which closed in 2006 but is still used for government office space.

The website Pennsylvania Haunted Houses says there have been reports of screams, strange noises, shadows and footsteps.

The hospital has been the focus of several ghost hunters over the years.

But perhaps the granddaddy of all spooky places is Gettysburg, with old houses and battlefields.

If you can't find a ghost in Gettysburg it's because you're not really looking hard enough.

“My phrase is acre for acre it’s the most haunted in America. And I believed that from the time I first moved here," said Mark Nesbitt. "Why is that? Well you had 51,000 people in Gettysburg have violent deaths, unexpected deaths, youthful deaths. In other words, Gettysburg was the perfect storm for creating ghosts.”

If you remember I shot that interview on my phone because my battery suddenly went dead while I was getting ready. I blame on of the ghosts at the house. He has not denied it.

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