Gnoza Knows It | Is Klinefeltersville the longest post office name in the USA?


I've said this before and I will say it again. Gnoza does not know everything. But he is open to learn anything.

Such is the case with today's installment of this fine series.

A short time ago, a woman came up to Mike Gorsegner and offered an interesting piece of information on Kleinfeltersville.

The woman asked Mike to tell me that Kleinfeltersville in Lebanon County is the longest name of a post office in the country.

Now, I did what any hard-working reporter would do, I googled it and checked it on Wikipedia.

And she was correct, actually it is tied with Mooselookmeguntic of Maine at 17 characters.

Thanks to this lady and to Mike G. for passing this tid-bit along.

I had another nice lady ask me if I ever see any telephone booths any more. That is a darn good question with all the cell phones.

I do see some pay phones here and there but not the actual booth.

Some of the pay phones are gutted even.

Even people using a phone for nefarious purposes can just go the the store and buy a burn phone, as they call it these days.

If you can find a phone booth in Central Pa, please take a picture and email it to

And another update to the demolition project of the Old Senate Plaza building on the West Shore.

It was imploded two weeks ago and they have been carting off the debris, showing some good progress.

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