Gnoza Knows It | Is it worth it to recycle cans for money?


Did you ever drive by a recycling center or see someone collecting cans and wonder if it would be worth your effort to take your own cans to a center to get money for them?

Well it depends. I talked with the folks at tri-state recycling in Harrisburg yesterday.

They say right now you will get $.60 for a pound of 12-ounce cans. And the nice lady there knew right away when I asked the question there are 35-cans in a pound. To make ten bucks you have to have 583 cans, which is 24 six packs of Keystone Light.

I did this once before. The thing I found is that if you just save your own cans, it's hard to keep them nice for a long period of time in less you wash them out.

Nobody likes the smell of stale beer.

Plus it's so hard to collect that many.

Now, Tri-state says boy scouts will bring the cans in. They some times go on a can drive.

Tri-state says copper is also popular to turn in to recyclers. That is about $2.50 a pound.

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