Gnoza Knows It | Is it too late to plant a garden?

I recently told a friend that I still want to plant a garden.

My friend said isn't it too late to plant??

I said hmmm. And then said it would find out.

You can really set up a garden anywhere. Even in the front yard of your current employer.

I called Matt Strite of Strite's Orchard, and he said there is still plenty of time to plant your garden.

You're good to early or mid-June.

For those who do not have green thumbs, he says the easiest plant to go with is the tomato.

You buy the small plants and then they kick out several tomatoes.

I asked Strite what the biggest mistake is that people make when planting their gardens.

He says you should put calcium in the soil. Preferably liquid calcium.

Some of you out there are saying, man, I don't feel like buying calcium.

Well, you can use egg shells, they are loaded with calcium carbonate.

Quick political question here. I just finished the primary election. PA elects a governor and a lieutenant governor separately.

Has there ever been a team in PA from different parties???

Well, republican Joe Scarnati served under Ed Rendell for a couple of years, but that was only because he moved up to the spot after Catherine Baker Knoll died.

The only time that I could find that it happened was back in 1890. When democrat Robert Pattison was elected governor and Colonel Louis Watres was elected lieutenant governor.

For Eagles and Phillies fans, that's what Pattison Avenue in south Philly is named after.

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