Gnoza Knows It | Is cocaine use still a problem in Central Pa?


Is cocaine still being used around Central PA, and is it a problem?

A D.E.A. report on drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania for 2016 shows over 4,600 people died of drug abuse last year.

It's hard to pinpoint one drug for the death because so often there are multiple substances in a person's system at autopsy.

The most prevalent substance was fentanyl, followed by heroin, benzodiazapines and then cocaine, which was found in 27% of victims.

Dauphin County Coroner, Graham Hetrick, lists drug overdose deaths on his website.

There were 91 in Dauphin County last year. Seven of which involved cocaine. But once again, many of these victims had upwards of a dozen substances in their bodies.

Harrisburg Police and the Lancaster County District Attorney's office both say they still see cocaine, but that it's been overshadowed by heroin in Harrisburg and by methamphetamine in Lancaster county.

By all accounts it appears that cocaine reached its peak in the mid 1980's. Experts disagree on why its use has fallen off.

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