Gnoza Knows It | How high can a dew point go?


The warm and humid weather has returned, but fortunately not at all-time highs.

Today is just beautiful with dry air. As I check the dew point on my CBS 21 weather app, which is free by the way, I see that it is 56 degrees, which is low for this time of the year.

So I wondered what's the highest it has been….I asked Steve Knight what is the highest it has been in this area and the highest it has been in the world.

"Well, it's unusual to get a dew point that's higher than 75 but there have been times where we've had dew points reach as high as 80 or 81," explained Steve Knight, CBS21 Meteorologist.


And the dew points he talked about are pretty disgusting as well.

I remember the day I got married this summer the dew point was 73. My wife was completely disgusted. And she was upset with the humidity as well.

But according to Mr. Knight it can get a lot worse, for Mrs. Gnoza and the humidity.

"The record for the highest dew point is actually 95 and that happened in Saudi Arabia," said Steve. "The actual air temp at that point was 108. That gave it a feels like temp of 176."

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