Gnoza Knows It | How early is too early for snow?


As we approach the cold weather and the chances of snowfall, someone asked CBS21 when is the earliest it snowed in the season.

After checking the weather records CBS21 found that the earliest snow we had as far as fall into winter in Harrisburg was, Oct. 5 1944. That was just a trace.

Just to give you an idea of when that was we were still in World War II.

Franklin Roosevelt was in the White House and Robb Hanrahan was in grade school.

The earliest measurable snow was October 19th of 1972. We got 1.2 inches.

The coldest day ever on record in Harrisburg was 22 below zero, back on January 21st of 1994.

And true or false, has it ever snowed in July in Harrisburg?

It is true! Records show that we got a 1/10 of an inch on July 9th of 1930!

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