Gnoza Knows It | How did the Eagles celebrate their 1960 title?


"We all know the Eagles had their big parade last week, but I wanted to find out how they celebrated their last title in 1960.

I contacted one of the starting halfbacks on that team.

82-year old Billy Rae Barnes, who lives in Landis, North Carolina. His friend took this picture of Billy watching the Eagles, Pats super bowl.

So I wanted to know what they did after that big win, which by the way you can see on Youtube. Billy is number 33.

He says he doesn't remember any big parade or city-run gathering.

He did say they celebrated pretty hard right after the game, when they beat the Packers at Franklin Field.

He says they had a party after that at one of the seafood restaurants down by the river.

He also says the fans went pretty crazy, sounds like nothing has changed there.

Mr. Barnes said that the Eagles were the greatest fans he's ever seen. And he played and coached for a number of teams and now lives down in what I guess is Carolina Panthers country.

And he definitely was rooting for the Eagles and was happy when they won.

That was pretty cool talking with Mr. Barnes. He says he feels good and has beaten cancer twice in his life."

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