Gnoza Knows It | History of the Harrisburg Senators


The current version of the Harrisburg Senators baseball team has been in existence since 1987. But a team known as the Harrisburg, possibly the senators, existed in the late 1800's, 1912, and then again being reborn officially as the senators in 1924.

They played at Island Park, on the site of the current stadium in the newly formed New York Penn League, which was eventually renamed the Eastern League, what it is now. The Senators even won three league titles.

But then came the flood of 1936. There you can see the top of the grandstand. Ouch. Apparently the park was pretty well ripped apart.

Well they had to re-locate to York as the White Roses until the city could fix the stadium, as was reported in the newspaper. I think it was the Harrisburg Telegraph.

The newspaper later speculated that if York supports the team, would the team be lost to the city for good?

Another later report shows that owner Joe Cambria was going to survey the stadium and make a decision on where the team would play.

Well guess what??? Nobody really came to watch them play, so Cambria moved the team to Trenton and it was the Trenton senators. Apparently there were no other names available.

But then the franchise was moved to Springfield. A Harrisburg team, called the senators, returned to play in the Interstate League from 1941 to 1942, and then again from 1946 to 1952.

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