Gnoza Knows It | Has Central Pa ever seen 50 inches of rain?


The rainfall from hurricane and tropical storm Harvey has reached almost biblical proportions, more than 50 inches. What is the most rain we've ever had around here?

Well, fortunately we haven't had anything close to that. I went right to Steve Knight in the forecast center, the most rain we've had since records have been kept came during Hurricane Agnes in 1972, 19 inches over a period of days. That was bad.

The next highest amount of rain was Hurricane Lee back in 2011 at 11 inches. If you remember, that had followed some rain just days before that big rainfall, but 11 is not 50.

You may have noticed the measuring pillar on the railroad bridge along the Susquehanna River in Shipoke. The high water mark remains Agnes.

Let's hope it stays that way.

What's going on with the old Bishop McDevitt High School along Market Street in Harrisburg?

There was at least a preliminary agreement to sell the building to the Arts to the Core Charter School. But the school's application to the Harrisburg School Board was denied.

I called Sisiter Maryanne Bednar, the principal of Bishop McDevitt yesterday, I also left messages with the man behind the Charter School Proposal...

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