Gnoza Knows It | Front Street businesses gone by the wayside

Sometime last year I did a piece on how the Howard Johnson chain has pretty much disappeared across the United States. One of the local stores was along Front Street just north Harrisburg.

That Howard Johnson’s was later operated as the Jade Buffet restaurant. Legend has it that Tom Russell was a regular at the buffet.

The old-timer used to get his money's worth and many credit him for keeping the place in business for a while.

And you could still tell it had been a Howard Johnson's at one point.

So Monday I drove past the place and it was there.

Yesterday I drove past the place and it was gone!!!

There was just a big ole hole in the ground where it used to be and a steam shovel doing some work.

No word on what is going in at that spot, but it had been vacant and for sale for a while.

Meanwhile, I noticed down that way and this will surprise many of you in the area, Steve and Linda's Sunoco Gas Station and Service Center has closed!

A lot of folks went there. Husband and wife ownership.

There was a sign on the door money that said “We have retired because we are tired.”

I hear that.

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