Gnoza Knows It | Follow up to the Walnut Street Bridge wreckage


"I have a follow-up question to my last Gnoza Knows It about the Walnut Street Bridge that was washed away by flooding in 1996.

A lady who identified herself as "Tess" wanted to know what happened to the bridge after it crashed into the market street bridge.

Well, I pestered Greg penny of Penndot once again and he told me that they hired a company that removed the pieces from the river bottom and took it to a scrap yard, which then cut them up into souvenirs that were sold to help finance potential repairs.

In fact, this is one of those pieces!!

I must have been living right last week, because as if on cue Thursday morning, a nice lady named Mary ward came to the station to show me one of those pieces of bridge. She purchased this along with 6 other pieces for her family. This is so cool. Great thanks to Mary for visiting and lending me her souvenir.

Now if you remember the original question was whether or not the bridge was going to be re-built. And it does not sound like that will happen.

Coming up Gnoza Knows It for Thursday, I will look back at the exact spot where the eagles used to practice and reside while they had training came in Hershey back in the 50's and 60's."

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