Gnoza Knows It | Environmentally friendly lube, tips for driving in a white-out


"A fellow named Justin wanted to know if the lubricant that the city of Philadelphia used on light poles in the city to discourage eagles fans from climbing them, was harmful to the environment. That's a good question.

I got a hold of Laura Copeland of the Philadelphia water department. She was very helpful.

She said that the police used an environmentally responsible product called renewable lubricants bio-bottle jack hydraulic fluid, which is bio-based and bio-degradable.

Laura also said that most of the poles that were treated were in combined sewer areas, where the first flush of the storm delivers the flow to the wastewater treatment plant.

That's good enough for me!

Another question I got was a tough one. Donna wanted to know if there were some good tips to drive in white-out conditions.

I emailed Greg penny of PennDOT, who listed a number of tips for driving in white out. The most important one I thought was don't stop on the roadway because you are likely to get rear-ended. If you can exit safely, do so.

This is a tough one. Whenever I’ve done it, I try to look for any road markings possible. Anything. And I pray that other drivers have their lights on so i can see headlights. Make sure your lights are on."

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