Gnoza Knows It | Eagles summer training camp in Hershey


"I have one more item about the eagles and local history.

Did you know the team had summer training camp on the Hershey trust grounds from 1951 to 1967?

Okay, so where exactly did the birds hold their workouts.

Let's take a look at the pictures first to try to find out what they can tell us. The first couple don't show much as far as location, but look at number 3 here. You can see a lot in the background. That field is definitely not there anymore. Something is sitting on that location.

I pulled off the road yesterday - remaining off private property and shot the location of the field from a distance with the stadium as a point of reference.

To show you the exact location I pulled up an old aerial photograph.

Let's take a look at what is there now from google earth. There are a couple of buildings and a parking lot, plus it looks like the coaster is there as well.

You wonder where they would have training camp now on the Hershey grounds. The birds roomed at the old community building, which is behind fencing now. I got this picture."

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