Gnoza Knows It | Don't pet the bear cubs!


We have a quick course on what to do if you encounter a bear.

A photo was sent to me by a friend named Erin, she says there are two bears that have been roaming around the Palmyra area.

No need to panic!

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says bear attacks are rare. In most cases the bear will smell or hear you first, long before you see it and leave the area.

But here are some tips to avoid being mauled:

  • If you see a bear, make noise but don't surprise it
  • In a close encounter back away slowly while facing the bear
  • Don't turn around and run or climb a tree, the bear may chase
  • Don't keep food in your tent while camping
  • Just don't camp
  • Don't try to pet mama bear's cubs
  • Fight back

And finally my staff here at Gnoza Knows It has confirmed that Sheetz will be opening a store on the site of the old Senate Plaza in Camp Hill. A Sheetz spokesperson says it's still too early to announce construction dates.

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