Gnoza Knows It | Do people still use phone booths?


In today’s Gnoza Knows It, Al discovers if there a health hazard from all that salt dust coming up off the road, and if people use phone booths anymore.

“I was driving the other day and had the pleasure of following this truck.

Just to make sure he kicked up enough salt for me, he frequently veered off the road to tap into the ample supply that was sitting on the shoulder. I rolled down the windows so i could fully enjoy the experience.

I emailed a couple of doctors and called the American Lung Association to see if there is a health hazard in dealing with this.

I got a nurse on line who said that for the brief exposure you have driving through the roads, there should not be any danger at all.

If you're shoveling rock salt and breathing in that dust, it can be harmful to your health, including irritation of the respiratory tract.

So don't sit there on the side of the road and sniff the salt.

Several months ago I did a Gnoza knows it about the scarcity of phone booths nowadays. It's hard to find one that works.

A nice lady named Jean Mackey sent me this picture of a phone booth that is still used at the intersection of route 641 and route 75 in the town of Spring Run, Pa.

Looks like a fellow is going in there right now to make an important call."

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