Gnoza Knows It | Construction on Interstate 81

Gnoza Knows It | Construction on Interstate 81

Like most of us, you're probably tired of being constantly stuck in traffic on Interstate 81.

Today's installment deals with something most of us have the pleasure of dealing with on a regular basis - the highway road construction in Dauphin and Cumberland counties. You may drive through there and ask yourself, when will this be finished?

I did some digging and found that this project is planned to be finished one month after the world ends.

I emailed PennDOT spokesman, Greg Penny. First of all, this is the I-81 part in Cumberland County. Greg says right now they are widening the outside shoulders and working on sound walls. By winter time this work will be done but the highway will still only be two lanes. Don't panic - next spring they will start up again and put in the third lane. Work there is expected to be finished next may.

Now for the part of the project in Dauphin County on Interstate 83. The video shows still shots of Cumberland County. The contractor is doing a day and night shift. In about three weeks the south bound lanes should be in their normal configuration. However, north bound lanes will still have to deal with lane shifts. This project is going to be done in June of next year.

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