Gnoza Knows It | Basketball cancellations and recycling lids


"I got a question from a viewer named Dan who wanted to know why the recreation basketball was cancelled at the Olmstead regional recreation center based in Middletown.

So I got in touch with Sue Klinger who runs the center and she got right back to me with an explanation.

Games are played at the Main Street gym in Middletown.

Sue said while she was on vacation, some coaches and some parents decided to threaten the refs. The refs were pulled from the league! And without them there are no games.

Sue talked with everyone involved and straightened things out. The refs are now back in. And the games are back on. She says it's unfortunate that some people don't follow the rules.

Another question I got was about recycling.

A lady named Noelle wanted to know why Penn Waste asks that lids not be included in the recycling and should be thrown in the regular trash.

A Penn Waste spokeswoman says the lids have a different melt-down process."

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