Gnoza Knows It | Avoiding unwanted utility calls


I got a call from earl from Juniata County. He had two questions how does he get all these energy suppliers to stop calling him with offers and two how in the heck can a company that is out of state give him cheaper electricity than one that is in state.

I emailed Nils Hagen-Frederiksen from the Pa Public Utilities Commission. Nils got back to me very quickly with the answer.

He says energy suppliers are required to honor do not call lists. If you continue to get those calls, file a complaint with the PA Attorney General or the federal trade commission. If that does not stop them, you can file a complaint against that supplier with the PUC.

For question two, Nils says that competitive suppliers, which are usually companies that you've never heard of, like Harry's Sizzling Energy or Grandma's Affordable Juice, those are my words there, not Nils. Well they don't have to get their power by the same PUC approved plan that companies like PPL have to. That gives them more flexibility in how they get their power and how much they can charge customers. Also some suppliers operate their own generation facilities and can sell directly to retail customers.

Earl, I hope that helps. Thanks to Nils again, as always for being so helpful.

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