Gnoza Knows It | Abandoned little league fields


Many of you probably have realized that I have a fascination with things that are abandoned. But many times it's depressing. Outside of my professional career, I find nothing as depressing as an abandoned little league baseball field.

I drove by this field on green street in Harrisburg last week to see if they were going to play ball here this spring. They weren't. The field is federally owned. And local little league officials decided to stop using it a couple years back when control of it was taken out of their hands by the feds. I had reached out to the Department of Defense to find out if they could return control to the locals but they did not respond.

I had to show you this field. This is perhaps the most depressing thing I have ever seen. It's in Vernon, Connecticut. Just off Route Interstate 84 on the way to Boston. It's the former New England Sportsplex. Four softball fields that were abandoned several years ago when the field was purchased by a developer for retail use. But proposals from Walmart and Home Depot were shot down on zoning issues after residents opposed the projects. It's a familiar story.

In the mean time, I don't think there are shortages of places to play baseball or softball.

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