Thank You for Your Service | Sherry Christian talks with Miles Teller and Adam Schumann


A new movie is focusing on what's being called "the battle after the war," the struggle American service members go through when they return home to civilian life.

"Thank you for your service" gives people an inside look at how soldiers go back to normal life and deal with post traumatic stress disorder.

One of those soldiers is Adam Schumann who's portrayed in the movie by Miles Teller.

Both men spoke to Sherry Christian about the emotional journey of making the film.

"Now that I've seen it, and been able to watch it and go through this whole process it's pretty cathartic, it's therapy because I can see the progress that I've made," said soldier Adam Schumann.

"They really come away from this movie feeling like they had just a really impactful therapy session," said actor Miles Teller. "The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive but beyond that I just think yeah a little more compassion and insight as to what these guys go through."

"Thank You for Your Service" opens in theaters nationwide on Friday.

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