Husband forgets Mother's day, gets put up for sale


-- When it comes to husbands, Katie Bouyea says her husband, Chris, is a slam dunk.

"He is very wonderful, very handsome, very handy," she says.

However, this Mother's Day her husband committed quite the personal foul.

"He didn't say happy Mother's Day," Katie says. "He didn't say thank you, or even have the kids make me a homemade card like he might normally do, so I was a little frustrated."

So on Monday night she did what any frustrated mom would do - she put her husband up for sale on Facebook.

In her post, she advised interested buyers that '8 years of marriage mileage has him somewhat broken in'.

"Last night when she wrote thatI didn't know what to think or say," Chris says.

The post went viral, with hundreds of comments and likes within hours - giving the couple a good chuckle.

It was all in good fun, with a good cause behind it.

Katie's friend, Katie Myers, has a son with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which confines him to a wheelchair

She sells items to help the family with their medical bills.

"We totally didn't expect her to sell her husband to help Kaden," Myers says.

The highest bid they've received so far for Chris is $20, which he says is far too low for his skill set.

"I cook, I clean, I mop floors, I do dishes, I paint."

So even though it looks like there'll be no takers, his original owner says she'll be glad to take him back on the winning team.

Chris offered his wife an apology sealed with a kiss, as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"I'm sorry and happy Mother's Dayyou're a wonderful wife and you really help me take care of me and the kids," he says.
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