Boy sends letter to Yoda, mailman delivers epic response


BREVARD, N.C. -- A letter from Yoda brings a local mom to the verge of tears. Sometimes, 'the force' awakens in mysterious ways.

At the Compton house in Brevard, brothers Will and Miles act out epic scenes wielding homemade light sabers.

But besides Will, everyone in the family assumed 'the force' is a farce. Especially Yoda, that green Jedi master.

"He's not real," Miles declared. That just fueled 5-year-old Will's mission to prove everyone wrong.

"Decided to write a card to Yoda," Will decided. "Like the first thing I started with was an "I" and then a heart."

I 'heart' you Yoda, written on a drawing worthy of a Jedi with a note from his mom Heather.

"My son will believes Yoda is real, so please take this letter to Yoda," she instructed her local mail carrier, who took the card and ran with it.

"Like I can't believe Yoda has a mailbox and stuff," Will says. A response from Yoda arrived in the mail.

"It says dear Will. Curious you are. Of course I am real," Heather reads. "It's a beautiful picture thank you. May the force be with you. Believe in yourself always, Yoda."

"Like everyone was freaking out!" Will recalls.

"Yes it did make me wanna cry," mom Heather says. "For someone to take time out of their day to make a little boy's dream come true."

It's the kind of gesture that makes you believe in something bigger than our own galaxy.
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