Flyers handed out at Harrisburg polling places confusing for voters

Flyers handed out at Harrisburg polling places confusing for voters

A Dauphin County judge issued an injunction Tuesday afternoon to stop a raffle that was allegedly encouraging people in Harrisburg to write in Gloria Martin-Roberts for Mayor.

There were two flyers being handed out at polling places across Harrisburg; one was promoting a raffle and another promoting Martin-Roberts.

The man behind the raffle, Kyle Schlessman, says the raffle was used solely to get people to vote.

“I really just wanted to help get people out to the polls,” said Schlessman.

But he partnered with Jeremy Hunter to print his flyers promoting the raffle and Hunter says he was simultaneously printing and handing out his flyers encouraging people to vote for Martin-Roberts.

“These flyers were sent out by my personally. I made them and I paid for them… my agenda is that you vote for Gloria Martin-Roberts, it’s clear, I want to take ownership of that,” said Hunter.

CBS 21 spoke to an election lawyer who says that’s possibly where the two went wrong because you’re really not allowed to influence voters in any way to vote for a specific candidate.

Brian Caffrey with Scaringi Law said, “the people who are circulating these flyers and offering these raffle tickets were pointing to a specific race in the election and they were pointing to two specific candidates and put one of the candidates’ names in bold font and that suggestive to say the least.”

We also spoke to Martin-Roberts herself who says she had nothing to do with this and both Schlessman and Hunter acknowledged that.

CBS 21 was told this would now be in the hands of the district attorney who we have yet to hear back from.

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