Senator Bob Casey campaigns in NEPA

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Senator Bob Casey made his case to voters in Wilkes-Barre on Friday.

He's hoping to hold onto his seat this November.

Senator Casey says one of his major concerns is the middle class and making sure they have access to better wages.

He also wants to make sure they continue to get access to what he calls most important; affordable healthcare.

"I'm angry because the republicans in Washington are trying to take away protections for pre-existing conditions," Casey said. "That is the law now and we're going to protect that for as long as it takes. If this campaign has to come down to one issue, and it's that issue, we're gonna fight it. We're gonna win this debate, there's no reason that they should take this position to rip away that protection from families."

We reached out to Rep. Lou Barletta's campaign in response, and he offered this statement.

“Bob Casey should get his facts straight and stop misleading Pennsylvania voters. I have always supported healthcare coverage protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions and my voting record is clear. I continue to support reforming our health care system to lower costs and increase accessibility. Bob Casey, on the other hand, gave us the disaster of Obamacare, which sent premiums soaring by 120 percent in Pennsylvania and radically increased government control of our health care system. Pennsylvania cannot afford 18 years of Bob Casey in the Senate." --Lou Barletta

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