Aggressive approach predicted for handling of immigrants by Trump administration

A Law Professor at Widener University says the Trump Administration will enforce deportation of immigrants that have a criminal background.

"They're wanting to even look at alleged acts of foreign nationals even if they aren't convicted of a crime," said Jill Family, Law Professor.

Whether convicted of a crime or not, the Trump Administration plans to be aggressive with illegal immigrants.

"Is it going to be targeted operations where they look for a specific person or are they going to do more blanket sweeps," said Family.

Jill Family, Law Professor at Widener University says this administration brings a new use of expedited removal.

"Which allows the government to remove individuals without a hearing, the problem with that it may not be constitutional and so we are going to see litigation develop," said Family.

The Trump Administration plan is to expand the focus group on immigrant deportation.

"These new memos set much broader categories, basically put a much bigger percentage of the immigrant population in the category of the highest," said Family.

Under the Obama Administration 2.5 million immigrants were deported, which was the highest deportation of any U.S. President.

"President Trump is looking to deport even more people than President Obama, who set records," said Family.

The concern is the lack of resources.

"They're not spending money on the resources to hire more immigration judges to decide whether or not each individual foreign national is removable," said Family.

Along with deportation, expect greater law enforcement.

"More border patrol agents, more enforcement agents, and increased detention of foreign nationals as well," said Family.

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