Trump to CNN's Acosta: 'You are a rude and terrible person'

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    WASHINGTON (SBG) - During a news conference at the White House Wednesday, a White House staffer attempted several times to pull a microphone away from CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

    The spar between the two ended with President Donald Trump calling the reporter "a rude, terrible person."

    The exchange began when Acosta questioned the president on his characterization of the migrant caravan, calling the group an "invasion."

    Trump stated that he stood by his remarks and views the group traveling to the U.S.-Mexico border as an "invasion," adding that he would prefer if the migrants came into the country legally.

    Acosta then asked the president about the controversial ad his campaign produced showing migrants climbing over a border fence.

    "Well, they weren't actors," Trump said.

    As the president gave his response to the CNN reporter, a woman in a red dress can be seen moving up the aisle. She then crouched beside Acosta as the exchange continued.

    "They are thousands of miles away, that is not an invasion," Acosta said to the president.

    "I think you should let me run the country and you run CNN, and if you did it well your ratings would be much better," Trump responded.

    The president then motions to move to the next reporter question but Acosta shouts to request a follow-up.

    The White House staffer rises from her position beside Acosta and swipes to take the microphone from his hands. Acosta twists away from the staffer while attempting to ask his next question.

    "That's enough," Trump states.

    The staffer motions to grab the microphone again from Acosta.

    "That's enough," the president repeated.

    The White House staffer then grabs the microphone in Acosta's hands and tries to pry it from him.

    "Pardon me, ma'am," Acosta says to the young woman.

    She pauses for a moment before lowering herself to the ground again.

    Acosta persists with his question about indictments coming down in the Russia investigation.

    The White House staffer then takes the microphone from Acosta.

    "I'll tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of themselves having you work for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You should not be working for CNN," President trump declares before moving to another reporter.

    Following the news conference, CNN Communications released a statement calling the president's actions un-American.

    "This President's ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far. they are not dangerous, They are disturbingly un-American. While President Trump has made it clear he does not respect a free press, he has a sworn obligation to protect it. A free press is vital to democracy, and we stand behind Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere," CNN stated.

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