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    Celebrating 27 Years in Business!

    Our philosophy of ‘Quality Thinking - Practical Solutions’ means that we look holistically at your project from the very start. The blank page to us is the starting point of your conscience and sub-conscience ideas transformed into a space or building that we want you to feel good in every time you’re there. Our design and technical talents will impress you, everyone at Hex 9 Architects is positioned to provide you with our very best. We work hard and we provide designs that show it.

    Hundreds of Completed Projects Near You:

    Industrial - Churches - Retail Centers & Shops - Restaurants - Hotels - Banks - Medical Offices

    Apartments & Condominiums - Refrigerated Buildings - Dealerships - Warehouses

    Food Processing - Personal Care Homes - Recreational - Private Schools

    Featured Services:

    Interior Design - Site Planning - Commercial Design - MEP Design - Project Management

    Codes & Permitting - Pricing & Bidding - Artistic Renderings - Residential Design

    Website Link: www.hex9architects.com

    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Hex-9-Architects-149481695193214/

    LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hex-9-architects/

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