Women at Work | Turning a passion into a successful business


    Turning a passion into a full blown business. Sara Bozich is known as the unofficial ambassador to Harrisburg. She has been writing about food and music since her early bar-hopping days.

    "I mean I started this when I was 23, so I was going out all the time. My best friends worked in the food and bar industry. We would go out and I would basically write about how to do downtown," said Bozich.

    But, that was just her side-gig.

    "I wanted to write and I wanted to take pictures," said Bozich. "Blogging didn't exist yet, but it was basically what I wanted to do."

    Bozich's worked for Harrisburg Magazine, PennLive and the State House of Representatives, all while developing a successful business of her own: 'Sara Bozich.'

    The evolution of her company is 16 years in the making.

    "So we do events for clients, we do some promotion for clients, sometimes we do a mix and then there are some that we are doing their social media behind the scenes," said Bozich.

    You can find it all on her website.

    "People look to her to see what's going on in the area all the time," said Jim Werner, who writes for SaraBozich.com.

    "I also love hearing from people who tell me they are new to the area and that reading my website has helped them," said Bozich.

    From shopping to live shows, if you're looking for something to do in Central Pennsylvania, you'll find it here. Some of those events are put on by Bozich herself.

    "So every month we post a pop up happy hour at strawberry square in downtown Harrisburg," said Bozich.

    While this York County native knows exactly where to go to enjoy all that central PA has to offer, home is where her heart is. She's not only our unofficial ambassador to Harrisburg, but also mom to one-year-old Bo, the most important job of all.

    "I think a lot of my readers are parents also and you can still be a parent and work and still be a parent and have fun," said Bozich.

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