Women at Work | Sharon's School of Dance


Sharon Hicks or "Miss Sharon", as her students call her, opened her dance studio when she was just 21-years-old.

The young, determined entrepreneur began teaching in Middletown... About a mile from where her own dancing career began.

"Apparently I was very very clumsy and the doctor said you need to get that child into a dance class before she really really hurts herself,” says sharon.

At 3-years-old, Sharon's grandmother enrolled her at "Gail's School of Dance" where she met the woman that would change her entire life.

"Her name is Gail Qutierrez."

"Miss Gail" a no-nonsense kind of woman pushed Sharon to her limits, and demanded hard work and perfection.

She was tough but also loving....and nurturing.

"She molded me into the woman that I am today."

Sadly Miss Gail passed away, when Sharon was 12-years-old,

Sharon says, it was a "wake-up call."

"That was very difficult, learning that she opened a lot of doors that i had no idea weren't open for me before."

Determined to succeed, Sharon not only continued dance and gymnastics, she excelled.

More importantly she passed on kindness and compassion to her own students.

"Miss Sharon always makes you feel as if you are good enough and that you do fit in."

She says Michaele Repogle, a former student of Sharon's, who is now her assistant director.

The two share a 30-year history.

"I was a little broken. My home life was a mess. I was shy. I had a lot of anxiety. She just welcomed me into the family."

Sharon continues to welcome children and adults into her dance family...and knows each one by name.

"It's important that I see these kids and understand who they are," says Sharon.

"That's the thing about her. If you love to dance there's a place for you here."

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