Women at Work | Shalakemia Moffitt, "Queen of the Curves"


Shalakemia Mofitt wears many hats and her most recognizable one is her "crown".

"Queen of the Curves" is a movement she started to inspire curvy women, but the concept has taken off...helping people who need it most.

"I'm gonna be honest, like, five seconds ago i just had suicidal thoughts," says Moffitt.

On a July day in 2015, "video blogger" Shalakemia Moffitt posted a video on Facebook that would reach the eyes of nearly 6,000 people.

"A lot of things she does touch base on, iIve experienced myself. I've experienced depression myself,” says Moffitt’s sister, Laquana Stewart.

"I made a video and just was vulnerable and just said i am going to speak my truth to the world," Shalakemia Moffitt, queen of the curves founder

"You never know what someone is battling. You never know what someone is going through at home,” She said in the video.

"As soon as I got done with that video my messenger blew up,” she says.

And her phone began to ring....

People feeling depressed, alone and even suicidal were reaching out to Shalakemia for help.

But it was one particular phone call that she'll never forget.

"he was like sis I'm sorry. I answered the phone and he was like sis i'm sorry. I said, what's wrong? He said I am at the bridge, about to jump", I can't do this anymore," she says.

Her next few words could have meant life or death.

She told him, "There's too much greatness in your life and god has a plan for you and it's not to do that."

Shalakemia believes she too has been given a plan; to be a positive and supportive resource for others.

Her son, Gary says she likes to help people out.

“That's just in her blood. The first thing to do is just help her out."

In 2011 she started her company, "Queen of the Curves".

"Queen of the Curves is movement that started out just for plus size women. It quickly grew into individuals, families and just doing my part in the community,” Moffitt says.

Like collecting shelves full of household items to donate to local churches and shelters.

But also, to keep video blogging, and spreading her message.

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