Women at Work | Running business in honor of friend


She spent three decades coaching figure skaters on the ice, but Sue Miller hung up her skates when she was given a new opportunity to become a business owner.

Sue is the owner of "Color Me Mine Harrisburg", a pottery painting studio.

Before taking on this adventure, sue spent thirty-years coaching figure skaters.

"I grew up as a competitive figure skater and i love the sport and i wanted to share that with other people," says sue.

"Painting and running a business was never something that was in her mind to do,” says Sue’s husband.

But in 2008, the original owner of "Color Me Mine" died unexpectedly.

Her name was Jill Whiting...and Jill was Sue's very best friend.

"It was horrible it was absolutely horrible because she was like my sister that i never had. I have two brothers but she really was like my sister.”

Sue was approached to buy the business.

“I thought about it...and I thought well I guess maybe there's divine intervention somewhere where I am supposed to be working with Jill in a whole different way."

"It just seemed like something that was meant to happen. She just picked it up ran with it and never faulted," says Craig.

Sue’s message is to follow your heart.

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