Women at Work | Dawn Shearer gets creative with beauty shop business model

Women at Work | Dawn Shearer creates new business model, designs one-stop beauty shop

She became a business owner nearly 30 years ago, and today Dawn Shearer's business has evolved to include everything beauty.

Dawn is the owner of Mystique Barbershop Salon and Spa.

"In all honesty, when you own your own business you have to move with the punches," said Dawn, "If I didn't move with the punches, I would not be in business."

Dawn Shearer is keeping it real. She admits when times are tough, she gets tougher!

She says her Linglestown shop offers, "Anything related to the beauty profession from getting your hair, your make up done."

However, her business wasn't always so glamorous. Dawn says employees not staying long-term became an issue.

"Over 15-years of owning the salon portion, the biggest struggle has been the turn around of the staffing," she said.

Dawn's business is designed to be a one stop beauty shop, but hey! she's only one person!. That's why she's now inviting other entrepreneurs to come join her team.

Dawn said, "I want to reach other people that have the same dreams as I do and give them the opportunity to grow with me."

This woman at work is now following a new business model so she can continue to succeed. By "renting space" in her shop, Dawn says she's giving other stylists the opportunity to have their own business.

Dawn said, "It's so much more beneficial for them to rent space versus dealing with the overhead that I have had to deal with over 15-years of owning a salon."

Kristine Tennis is an independent stylist who joined Dawn's team over a year ago. "It's just been great!" said Kristine, "It works for me because I actually love having control of the products, the things I get to use with my clients."

The salon's new concept is inspiring Kristine to become the best she can be.

"It's nice to be able to be able to have a business and to be able to market your business. I feel it makes you more motivated and more ambitious because now you're pushing yourself to get out there and be known," said Kristine, "I feel more creative now in order to give them what they need."

Dawn hopes that she can inspire other people too.

Dawn said, "Be outgoing to change and be outside the box. Think outside the box!"

If you would like to learn more about Mystique Barbershop Salon and Spa, visit their website.

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