Women at Work | Mother, mentor and networking queen


She's a mother, a mentor and a self-proclaimed networking queen!

Her passion is to empower women and help the community.

Rubina Azizdin is the Associate Director of Career Services at Central Penn College.

"I council students on job pursuit issues. I will help them seek out different job opportunism," Azizdin said.

Not only does she organize the college's biggest events, but she started "Real Women's Alliance Networking Group."

"I wanted to create a group where it was non-business based,” Azizdin said. “It was welcoming. It was a place where people could build friendships and relationships and have a place to grow."

Despite her busy schedule, she makes time to mentor others like her former student, Madison Foley.

"I just remember it was a few months that I had just started and I was really stressed out,” Foley said. “I remember I wasn't sure if what I was going into was for me. I was just able to sit down and talk with her, it was so comforting."

Rubina also has mentors of her own, like Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, the President of Central Penn College.

"She's a community advocate, she is someone who fights for rights for women and diversity,” Fedrizzi-Williams said. “I know that she is making it part of her mission to go out and meet people and empower them to really lean on each other and support each other."

And her hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

We had to ask Rubina about these prestigious awards.

"Um so a lot of these awards I guess came my way due to other women appreciating what I am doing and also giving them a place to just be people,” Azizdin said. "I think I am surrounded by women in general so I think that is where a lot of the women awards came from because a lot of the work I do is women empowerment related."

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