Women at Work| Mom's passion for volunteer firefighting keeps her busy


She's a mom, financial leader and small business owner, but it's her volunteer work that makes this woman's story so special.

We caught up with Kim Kenawell-Hoffecker, the volunteer firefighter at the Hampden Township Fire Department, where she started volunteering in high school.

"My backyard was the fire department's, so yeah I would listen to them come out of their station all the time," Kenawell-Hoffecker said.

"I've known Kim for 15 years,” Deputy Fire Chief Jerry Ozog said. “What is she like? Kim is one of those persons that you can definitely depend on when you have a hard situation to deal with."

The hardest situation she's dealt with?

"9/11. I think 9/11 changed everything for everyone," Kenawell-Hoffecker said.

Kim worked first hand with emergency service workers at the Flight 93 crash site as a volunteer with the South Central Pennsylvania Critical Incident Stress Team.

"Within a few days of the actual events of 9/11, I was actually called to Shanksville along with the critical incident team out of York county," Kenawell-Hoffecker said.

As a volunteer at the fire company, Kim helps people in a time of crisis, much like her day job as a wealth adviser.

"I am one of the handful of certified divorce financial analyst here in Cumberland County,” Kenawell-Hoffecker said. “What we seek to do is help people through that traumatizing divorce and scenario."

Add business owner to the long list of hats Kim wears.

In July of 2017, she co-founded Avantra Family Wealth.

Her schedule is busy to say the least, but her passion for volunteering will always bring her back to the Hampden Township Fire Department.

"Give back to the community because you never know when you're going to ask the community to give back to you," Kenawell-Hoffecker said.

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