Women at Work | Miffy's Animal Rescue


Chelsey Hall's love for animals began at a young age, when she started saving baby birds and feeding stray dogs.

Today, she's the founder of a growing non-profit called "Miffy's Animal Rescue".

On a hot summer day in 2011 , Chelsey Hall and her dog "Miffy" met for the first time, under extreme circumstances.

"Miffy was tied up outside of the door when I was on my way to work," says Hall.

Hours later when Chelsey returned from work, the tiny Yorkie-poo was still tethered to the door, suffering in extreme conditions.

"It was in August and it was really hot. I opened the door and all of their stuff was gone so they had moved away,” she says.

Chelsey took in the emaciated pup, covered in sores and matted fur...and gave "Miffy" a new home.

"From that point I was just really determined to rescue animals, to do what I was passionate about."

She started her non-profit "Miffy's Animal Rescue" to find homes for unwanted dogs.

"She is busy 24/7. Sometimes I have to take her phone away from her just so she can relax and unwind,” says Damien Hall, Chelsey’s husband.

Many of the dogs Chelsey rescues come from shelters in the south with high kill numbers.

"I kid you not we get a list every Tuesday and Thursday with dozens of dogs on them and they're not even breeds that you would think would be in that list or ages that you would be an list. It's like pregnant moms her newborn puppies tiny dogs that look like Miffy."

Her compassion for animals started when Chelsey was a young girl, feeling heartbroken and abandoned herself.

"I grew up in a really unstable household. Very toxic environment," she says.

"And my only comfort funny enough was my dog growing up. And her name was Sassy and I remember anytime that something was happening with my mom and I that Sassy was always there still like hey are you ok? She would always come in wagging. "

At 15-years-old, Chelsey was put in foster care and sent across the county.

Her new life in Hershey has brought new opportunity and hope.

Today the college grad has a full time job on top of her non-profit and is happily married to her husband, Damien.

"She just loves everyone and everything and brings that energy to everything she does,” he says.

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