Women at Work | Local woman shows others how to become successful


"This is my office. I get to work wherever I want and that flexibility is really huge."

The view from Kimm Moore's 'office' changes every few miles.

Kimm sells Mary Kay Beauty Products.

A very hesitant Kimm started selling Mary Kay as a side gig after graduation college.

"I used to think it was just beauty queens and cute blondes," says Kimm. "That's just what I thought. I was never the girly-girl."

Plus, Kimm admits that direct sales can be intimidating. But there was one thing that Kimm wanted enough to put her fears behind her.

"The ability to make as much money as I thought I should be paid and when I wanted that."

Kimm has been so successful in her Mary Kay career that she gets to drive around in the iconic pink Cadillac.

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