Women at Work | Local singer giving dreamers a platform to perform


A Harrisburg native is sharing her dream of singing with other artists.

Airis Smallwood is the creator of "The Singer's Lounge" which gives local R&B singers a stage, a live band and an audience.

Stardom may start here for some of these talented musicians.

"Airis has always had a vision to be able to bring this type of music the city of Harrisburg. We're from here and she sings and she just wanted to give singers an opportunity to perform on stage with a live band in the background singers. So that's what she's done," says Jennifer Smallwood, Airis' mom

"The fact that she brings everybody else in on her dream and her vision is just magnificent,” says her Aunt Mary.

"The singer's lounge" gives soul singers, like Airis a platform to perform.

"I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, that is how i fell in love with R&B. So it's just something that's always been a part of my life," says Airis

"She has the love and passion for music that she has had since she was five years old," says Mary.

"To little girls and little boys who dream of being performers one day especially in the city I would definitely say that you know ... If I can do it you can do it too," she says.

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