Women at Work | Local shop owner brings new life to old furniture

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We all have them - those "light bulb" moments of sudden realization and inspiration.

That's exactly what Kelly Havens is calling the day she decided to take her hobby from the garage to a store front.

Kelly said, "Sometimes I will have pieces here and I will stare at them for months deciding what color I think they should be or how I think they should look."

Each piece of furniture Kelly Havens refurbishes is a labor of love. Inside her New Cumberland store, Nest Egg Interiors, Kelly brings new life into older pieces.

She calls the decor style "modern farmhouse," and fills her store with antiques and new home accessories that she thinks people will enjoy. Her customers also love to see Kelly at work, sanding and painting furniture.

Kelly said, "Anytime someone comes in the shop and see I am working on something we talk about it and they want to know what I am doing,"

The idea of refurbishing furniture came to Kelly when she simply couldn't afford a dresser she wanted for one of her daughter's rooms.

"I went to the Good Will and found this old, drab, ugly dresser that no would have even touched let alone think I am going to put this in my child's room," she said,

With a little help from Good and Pinterest, that sunshine-yellow dresser turned out just how she wanted it.

Kelly said, "It ended up being beautiful and gorgeous and I loved it and that's how it started."

She sold her first few refurbished pieces to a friend - right out of her garage.

Kelly said, "She was like what are you painting? Who is that for? What is this about? Can I have one of those? Ya know..."

Once she ran out of room, Kelly opened up her store. It's a job that requires most of her time.

"I do run the shop myself," said said, "I sweep the floor, mop the floor ya know it's not for the weak at heart."

Kelly's determination - and creativity - made her dream become a reality.

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