Women at Work | Local artist's career takes off


The sky is the limit for 23-year-old Jenna Miller or "Jaerae" as she is known.

She recently graduated from Moore college of Art and Design in Philadelphia and is now doing whatever she can to get her art work seen and inspire others.

23-year-old "Jaerae" is just starting her career as an artist.

“As a young artist it's definitely hard to make it so you got to take every opportunity that you can get,” says Jaerae.

When she was given the opportunity to showcase her art work at the Farm Show, she spent her days drawing. All day...every day.

Young fans are mesmerized by her work.

"I think that they are very realistic and that sometimes add very, very, very close detail so you don't miss something,” says Addy.

Her work is not only beautiful, it's meaningful.

In her "Mother Nature" series, for example, each portrait was inspired by environmental issues.

As an artist, "Jaerae" realizes her art may not be for everyone, but she also knows doesn't have to be.

“Always keep trying and you never know when somebody is going to be knocking on your door saying you're exactly what I want,” says Jaerae.

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