Women at Work | Kimeka Campbell, Young Professionals of Color


Kimeka Campbell was born in New York and grew up in Flordia, but she's a Pennsylvania girl now and plans to stay here and help Harrisburg thrive.

Her scrap book reveals some pretty interesting details about her life....

She has two younger twin brothers, she was a youth leader at her church's camp, and she ate a ton of laffy taffy.

Kimeka was born in Brooklyn, but grew up in Palm Bay, Florida

"Yeah it was hard, it was hard growing up I was always the oddball out. Definitely," she says.

But that is certainly not the case anymore!

"She's awesome, extremely smart, ball of energy," says her husband, Basir Vincent.

By day, Kimeka works full time at UPMC Pinnacle Health in the IT Department.

By night she's running a networking group, right from her home office.

Kimeka and her Husband are leaders of "Young Professionals of Color, Greater Harrisburg" or YPOC

“I want people to come to the Harrisburg area, young professionals of color, see the job opportunity and also see a life and community as well,” she says.

"The real mission is to get people to stay in the community and then be able to enrich the community," says Basir.

Once a week, a few members of YPOC get together.

"It's really become a very integral part of our lives week to week,” she says.

"The way that she makes connections. I'm a very cerebral person sometimes, but when you see her out there and see her in her element it's pretty amazing,” says Basir.

"I am a first-generation American. My family is from Trinidad and Tobago," she says.

She's also the first in her family to earn a Phd.

Kimeka is a go-getter, and she's inspiring others to go get what they're after!

"I hope I am inspiring others by making sure that we always have a sense of community. That's big for me," she says.

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