Women at Work | Juliet Lightner's collision repair

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Juliet Lightner knows a thing or two about collision repair.

She has over a decade of experience in the industry.

She's not only working in a male dominated industry...she's also the boss.

As the manager of Major's Select Collision Center, Juliet makes sure her staff is doing an outstanding job and her customers are happy.

But she admits, some people do a double take when they see her.

"From the time that I started at a shop something that always caught me off guard was I would introduce myself as the estimator and they would say, 'Oh, do your parents own the shop? Does your dad own the shop? Is your husband the manager?'" said Lightner.

The answer to all those questions is no. Juliet has been interested in cars ever since she was a young girl.

When she told her parents she wanted to go to school for collision repair, her mom gave her some advice.

"She pretty much said you know you're going to be going into a man's world so either you need to not do it or you need to do like a phenomenal job."

Her boss seems to think she's doing pretty well, seeing that Juliet has been featured in magazine articles and is on the company's commercial, which you can see on CBS21.

She may oversee nearly a dozen male employees, but Juliet wants to make one thing clear.

Chances are you'll meet Juliet if you're a customer of hers. But if you don't, she's probably getting lost working under a car.

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