Women at Work | Grocery store for food allergies


She's a former PTO mom who says her son's long list of food allergies inspired her to open a business.

Now she's helping others enjoy shopping instead of staring at labels to check the ingredients.

If you have a food allergy like Tammy Gingras-Moore, then you understand the pain of shopping for groceries.

“I'm the mom of a wonderful 10-year-old boy who has multiple food allergies and grocery shopping just reached a point where it was almost impossible,” Tammy Gingras-Moore, the owner of Allergy Orchard, said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, eight food groups account for 90% of serious allergic reactions in the U.S.

They are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

“I kept saying someone needs to open an allergy friendly food store,” Gingras-Moore said. “It turns out we were the someone who finally did it.”

In November, Tammy and fellow PTO mom, Karen Dipace opened Allergy Orchard in West Lampeter Township.

“It actually started, I have to admit, with a complete temper tantrum in the grocery store one day,” Gingras-Moore said. “I just was a total meltdown.”

But thank goodness for that temper tantrum, because people are loving her store!

“We've had people hug us. We've had people cry,” Gingras-Moore said. “We've had people who really understand how hard it is to find food.”

Before taking on this business venture, Tammy was communications professor for 20 years.

Despite describing themselves as "total opposites", Tammy and Karen make the perfect team.

"Karen is amazing. She has this amazing worth ethic,” Gingras-Moore said.

“She never sits still.”

"I mean she is a hard worker,” Karen Dipace said. “It never shuts off for her at three in the morning she's got ideas.”

And those ideas come straight from the heart!

"It's the life I’m living.” Gingras-Moore said. “I knew I needed this and so I knew other people needed this as well. We really wanted to help,”

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