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Aaysha Noor, advocate for equality and female empowerment, is the founder of the Asian American Pakistani Heritage Group in Central Pa.

"If I can inspire one woman, one girl, help her show that courage and confidence and be unapologetically who she is, that would be my mission," Noor said.

Aaysha Noor has a powerful message to send.

"We shouldn't be tolerating diversity," Noor said. "We should be celebrating diversity because I think it's one of our strengths here."

As an American Muslim woman, she believes people should come together no matter what their culture, race or religion.

To actively make that happen-- she founded Asian American Pakistani heritage Central Pa.

"It's just to bring cultural awareness and to bring people together from cross culture backgrounds," Noor said.

By proudly wearing her hijab and traditional clothing, Aaysha is inspiring other women to be true to who they are.

"A young woman came up to me and she said like thank you," Noor said. "I was like why? She was like it takes courage and guts to own who you are and wear that identity."

Aasyha is a mother, a wife and a full-time volunteer.

She recently received the Peacemaker Award from Brethren Community Ministries and Sarah Alyce Wright Award from the YWCA, both recognizing her efforts in the Harrisburg community.

"What she does is she walks the talk," said Gloria Vasquez Merrick, a friend of Aaysha. "She doesn't just talk about doing things, she does them."

"I own who I am, I am not afraid and I speak up," Noor said.

The Asian American Pakistani Heritage Group is hosting an event to celebrate women in strength and diversity.

It's Saturday, May 12th from 3 to 6 p.m. at the West Shore Elks in Camp Hill.

There will be music, speakers and a fashion show.

Tickets are $10.

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