Women at Work | Ashley Brixius, owner of Explosive Sports Performance


She's a devoted mom and wife with enough energy for her entire family!

Whether at home or at work, Ashley Brixius spends most of her time, inspiring others to be their best.

As a mom of two, young girls, full of energy, Ashley Brixius makes sure to give her daughters, gabby and Alexandria, plenty of attention.

"My girls are everything. I just want to be the healthiest, fittest version of myself so I can be around as long as I can with them and do as many things as I can with them," Ashley Brixius.

Her definition of being fit?

"It's more about being strong and being able to chase and play with them versus looking a certain way in a bikini, you know?” She says.

Fitness has always played a role in Ashley's life.

"My stepdad was a bodybuilder. So I really liked working out. I liked the whole aspect of it," she says.

After getting her degree in fitness and nutrition, Ashley became a licensed physical therapist.

Today, she owns a gym in Harrisburg with her husband, David.

Just feet away from their home, they opened "explosive sports performance".

One perk of owning a business? Taking her girls to work!

Perhaps it's the struggles she's dealt with that make Ashley the devoted mother she is today.

"You know I grew up in Florida and then we moved. So when my step dad came into the picture we moved to place to place where I went to 12-different schools in a matter of six years," she says

"She's always positive, she's always trying to build people up,” says David.

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