Women at Work | Running the show for 70 years

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June Yaple could possibly be the hardest working woman on the West Shore.

At 99-years-old, she's is still working. A lot.

June has been the boss of Westy's Beer Distributor for nearly 70 years.

"Every day. Seven days a week. I come in about 6:30 in the morning, work 'til 6:00 at night," she says.

She opened the business in 1948-- out of a small garage in nearby Shiremanstown.

"I lived in the apartment across from the warehouse and if I wasn't busy I would go upstairs and they would ring the doorbell and I would take care of customers," says June.

Her business has grown significantly. Today, her Camp Hill location has twenty-six employees.

June's husband worked alongside her until passing away in 1991.

Her son, Jim, is still a full time employee, although he doesn't think he'll work as long as his mom.

Things have really changed over the years. In 1948, June started selling 25 different brands of beer. Today over 1100 brands. And she still has the first $10 bill from her first customer.

Much like her customers, June's employees appreciate her kindness.

"I have everybody's birthday written down. Once someone has a birthday I get a card and I put some money in it and give it to them," says June.

In case you were wondering, June doesn't plan on retiring anytime soon, and has this advice to fellow entrepreneurs.

"Just work. Just work."

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