Woman at Work | Pediatrician helps to inspire youth


Doctor Leslie Walker-Harding started studying medicine because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, she's doing just that.

She's passionate about working with teens and children because she believes they "can change the world".

Her resume is impressive to say the least.

Dr. Leslie Walker-Harding is a nationally recognized pediatrician who's worked all over the country.

But now.. Hershey is home.

"The people are great here, the job is good and I love it."

Dr. Walker-Harding is the medical director at Penn State Children's Hospital.

"It's been like a breath of fresh air since she came to penn state."

She's also the pediatrics department chair at Hershey Medical Center.

"My personal mission is to improve the health and well-being of children and adolescents."

She believes a child can accomplish anything they put their mind to.

"I love adolescents. I am an adolescent specialist and the ideas they come up with could change the world."

"The saddest thing I remember hearing was somebody telling me when I was younger, "I learned at a young age that dreams don't come true." I spent my life trying to help people realize yes dreams can come true if you're willing to work on it and you have at least one adult somebody that's willing to stand with you."

Behind Dr. Walker-Harding, two-loving parents who encouraged her every step of the way.

But some of her peers..... and even professors..... tried to discourage her from accomplishing her goals.

"I remember when I got into Stanford I have this person that I thought cared about me. They came and sat down with me and said I just want you to know you won't be able to do it."

But she did ......

And today, she is encouraging others to "keep going".

"I love to hear people's dreams and to figure out, well how can that happen for you?"

Dr. Walker-Harding believes people of all backgrounds need to come together and be united.

"If everybody is the same, the decision can be made easier, but it's probably not good. If we're all together the decision is harder, but when you finish it it's stellar. Keep going- we need everybody's voice."

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