Allergy Orchard


Allergy Orchard

Allergy Orchard is the grocery store for people with food allergies and sensitivities.

At Allergy Orchard, we offer choices. We have more than 70 brands and 500 products to choose from. Most of our companies specialize in allergy-safe food production. We have your favorite products and many new ones for you to try. If we don’t have what you want, we will try to get it.

Allergy Orchard is organized by company for easy safety checks. We provide the website for each company, so you can check if ingredients and production processes are safe.

To someone with food allergies, finding safe and delicious food is an amazing gift. Allergy Orchard has many foods to choose from to accommodate different allergy needs.

We have Chanukah Gelt and Christmas candy from Vermont Nut Free, No Whey Chocolate, and Amanda’s Own Confections. We also have gift certificates available. We also have many allergy-safe baking mixes, including gluten-free, for that homemade touch.

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